Primi & Antipasti


Is there a better way to start a meal than with plate of antipasti? Antipasti which means ‘before the meal’ goes back to medieval Italy where diners chatted over beautifully smoked meats, briny olives, succulent buffalo mozzarella with roasted and marinated vegetables.

Primi & Antipasti

Francesca’s antipasti board - Cured meats and Italian cheeses, pickled giardiniera, nuts, preserve, served with ciabatta bread and grissini *Vegan option available

Octopus carpaccio, kalamata aioli, parsley vinaigrette, fresh chilli *GF *DF

Cloudy Bay clams, chilli, garlic, prosecco and black garlic butter with ciabatta bread *Subject to availability

Beef carpaccio, Parmigiano Reggiano, lemon aioli, capers, red onion and white anchovies *GFA

Beetroot and sheep ricotta cappellacci served with pecorino sauce *V

Bruschetta with whipped ricotta, confit cherry tomatoes, basil, black garlic

Bruschetta with Grater Goods cream cheese, carrot lox, capers, red onion



Marinated olives *GF *VG

Polenta fries with truffle aioli *V *GF

Potato skins with truffle oil, porcini salt and pecorino *GF *V *Subject to availability

Garlic flat bread *VG

Rosemary and olive oil flat bread *VG