(Jee-ro) - noun.
1. Tour or Ride, commonly used in cycling; Giro D’Italia.
2. A full revolution of a particular circuit; finishing where you started.
3. Informal; A common style of Italian dining involving all-you-can-eat pizza and pasta; usually accompanied with delicious beverages, best mates and great music...
Francesca’s Italian Kitchen Christchurch is showcasing the Italian all-you-can-eat concept of ‘Giro’ on Sunday 1st August. You can book either the early or late seating (maximum 2 hours) and enjoy all-you-can-eat pizza & pasta from a menu designed specifically by our head chef Diego. With a range of drink specials, $5 sides and desserts it’s a chance to get together with friends and family and share an Italian feast the way it is meant be enjoyed.
We have created two ‘Giro’ seatings, the first 5-7pm for family groups looking for a fun, filling dinner and an early night, or groups looking for an early dinner before heading out. The second session, 7:30-9:30pm is a perfect time for those out for Sunday dinner looking for something a bit different than the local takeaway or ‘usual’ spot. With a menu designed to showcase a range of flavours from all over Italy, it is a great chance to try a whole variety of dishes, shared amongst friends.
1st session: 5-7pm
2nd session: 7:30-9:30
Cost: $50 (includes complimentary beverage and dessert). Kids under 8 free, 8-13 year olds: $25.
Booking sizes: 2-8
Booking: email fikgiro@gmail.com, subject line Giro 4th July. Advise booking between 5-5:30 & 7:30-8, latest booking 5:45 & 8:15pm respectively.