Antipasti & Contorni


Is there a better way to start a meal than with plate of antipasti? Antipasti which means ‘before the meal’ goes back to medieval Italy where diners chatted over beautifully smoked meats, briny olives, succulent buffalo mozzarella with roasted and marinated vegetables. Our contorni or ‘sides’ are a mix of old and new but they are sure to compliment every meal.


Francesca's Antipasto Board - A selection of cured meats, cheeses & pickles, preserves, olives, nuts & grilled focaccia



Garlic flat bread (V)

Potato skins with truffle oil, porcini salt, pecorino (GF) ( V)

House made focaccia, balsamic & olive oil (V)

Polenta fries with truffle aioli (V)

Bruschetta: stracciatella, tomato & basil / tomato & basil (V)